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I have been a SupportSpace Inc. "expert" for about nine months now. For the first three months it was smooth sailing. I would take Remote Support calls for SupportSpace who is contracted by GEEK SQUAD and perform various services for Geek Squad customers. Everything was going well until February of this year. On February first they sent out an email that was effective immediately that changed the way that we were allowed to bill. This created a fury within the expert community of 200 or so "experts" as there was no prior warning or training to bring people up to speed.

What followed was even more shocking. The company’s refusal to pay for completed sessions. I contacted the "Community Senior Manager" Monika Aufdermauer to ask about what was going on and what I could do to help make things better. I was meet with distain and disrespect. Ms. Aufdermauer was very confrontational and would not tell me what information was needed to put in the sessions so they would be paid. I asked more questions of Ms. Aufdermauer and she was very rude and unhelpful.

I at this point decided I would not perform any more work for this company as did many other "experts" and I proceeded to find other avenues of income. One month later I was send a payment for $1000.00 dollars. I called the company to find out what was the change of heart and spoke to Luigia Castaneda. Ms. Castaneda seemed to be helpful and said that if I wanted to continue working that they had a new software tool called "The Multi-Purpose Tool" and that would virtually insure the payment of any future completed sessions. Ms. Castaneda also stated that they would notify my and any other "experts" if there was a problem with a session within a week of its submittal. I downloaded this tool and started taking calls again.

I worked for them for the last two months and everything seemed ok until my last payment. When I looked through my completed sessions I was missing $500.00, but it did not show that in the spreadsheet they sent me. I sent them emails and got no answer. I also worked with Ms. Castaneda and resubmitted "blocked" sessions and she agreed in writing that I would be paid for them in my next payment. I checked the spreadsheet and they were not paid to me. I contacted Ms. Castaneda and she said something went wrong in the billing department and she would resubmit my rebills and I would get them the following month. That month came and I did not receive payment for them.

I contacted Ms. Castaneda again and she checked with the billing department and said that they paid me for them. I replied to her email with the spreadsheets and copies of the emails she sent me showing that I had not received payment and I got no reply. I then sent another email and cc'ed Ms. Monika Aufdermauer and got no reply. I then sent another email to both Luigia, Monika, and the billing department and got no reply.

Now I receive emails stating that I am not going to be paid for legit completed sessions because I did not complete the "correct" session, and that I should had billed for something else. I checked the sessions and they are indeed legit completed sessions.

I pride myself on being an honest man with integrity and to be denied payment for work that took me hours to perform and making the customer happy is reprehensible to me. I have never seen business practices like these before from a company. Changing the rules at the last minute, not paying contractors, not replying to contractors, and treating contractors with hostility and rudeness beyond anything I have ever seen.

I have now seen many other “experts” filing complaints on complaint boards for non-payment and so I know I am not alone. It is my hope that perhaps and attorney would like to take up this case to help literally hundreds of people recover the monies that were withheld from them.

I hope someone can please help us…

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I too was an expert under SupportSpace. Some of the things being said do hold weight, and are true to an extent. The payblocks were a result of Geek Squad. They would decide which sessions weren't legit, and needed to be blocked. Sometimes this was in error.

However, there is one thing here that's not all together true.. Monika Aufdermauer who was the community manager had the unfortunate position of being the "face" of the community. With SupportSpace they would often put things on her such as payblocks, policy changes, etc. She was simply the person who would announce it.

My experience with the management of SupportSpace was positive, there would be sometimes that emails would go unanswered for a while however when i'd call, or skype about it they would always get a reply. When SupportSpace "crashed" (a nice term!) they got rid of everyone except Monika. She began getting threats, and more from former experts. She didn't control the pay, and would keep us posted with the info that she had (which probably wasn't much knowing how things usually worked). There is blame to place on what's happened, however this blame isn't to be placed on Monika. She had no control of the events, or still current events unfolding.

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The Experts still working with SupportSpace have not been paid for June 2013 yet, about a week past normal paydate window with nothing but "soon" as the response.

SupportSpace lost their contract with GeekSquad. I don't know what the details are, but SupportSpace needs to make sure that Experts who earned money with valid sessions need to be paid.

Many of us are willing to continue, but the cryptic release of information is not helping.

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